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2019 Annual Report: Building an inclusive Jamaica that treats LGBT Jamaicans with respect and dignity


2019 was plagued with the loss of Rainbow House, our office space which also acted as a safe space for the community, and a base for a number of our activities. Despite this challenge, we were able to plan and successfully execute a range of programmes and interventions for and with LGBT people in Jamaica, while also pursuing organizational development, local and international visibility for the local LGBT movement and capacity building of staff. Among the top achievements for 2019 are our work in rural engagement, pride and visibility, work with LGBT youth, sensitisation training of healthcare workers and other key areas of success.


Read the full report here: 2019 Annual Report



2017 Annual Report: Creating a Legacy of Courage & Justice


2017, though seemingly uneventful, was a successful year for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) Jamaicans. It should be dubbed the Year of Unexpected Allies given all the support LGBT Jamaicans received when they least expected it. From outspoken pastors to unflappable politicians, there continues to be an increase in the number of persons who are willing to stand up for the respect and protection of the rights of LGBT Jamaicans. It was another very successful year for #TeamEquality as we continued to implement programmes to create and maintain a legacy of courage and justice for LGBT people right across Jamaica. Among the highlights were our annual pride celebrations, health and wellness project, youth project, volunteer activities and a number of rural engagements.


Read the full report here: 2017 Annual Report




2016 Annual Report: The Year of Community


2016 has been a very successful year for #TeamEquality! Through a variety of multifaceted programmes and initiatives, which were implemented by our expanded and diverse team, we increased our reach and impact thereby truly making it


‘The Year of Community.’ We engaged over 15,000 LGBT people, friends, allies, and other stakeholders across all parishes and over 4.2 million persons online. Our work was guided by our objectives to increase public tolerance, transform J-FLAG into an effective umbrella group, advocate for policy and legal reform, improve organisational sustainability, and improve community engagement and mobilisation. At the end of the year, #TeamEquality had an 82% implementation rate! 98 of the 119  activities committed to in the annual work plan were implemented. An additional 43 ad hoc activities that were important to advancing the organisation’s work were also undertaken, making it a combined total of 162 completed by the team.


Read the full report here: J-FLAG 2016 Annual Report




2015 Annual Report: The Pride of A People, Breaking Rules of Oppression


2015 was an impactful year for the Jamaican LGBT community as reflected in the number of key initiatives, collaboration and strengthening of relationships within the community as well as with our allies. Though there were some struggles, it is important to note the unprecedented successes of the year. Our work throughout the year reflect continuing efforts to give life to our new strategic direction and seek to build on the foundation laid over the past years.


The activities outlined in this report underline our mission to improve inclusiveness especially among sub-populations of LGBT members while acknowledging that success requires the perspectives and efforts of community members, service providers, policymakers, medical professionals, educators, and all others who are in one way or another working to advance human rights.


Read the full report here: JFLAG Annual Report 2015





2014 Annual Report: Engaging Communities & Transforming Lives


J-FLAG continues to challenge homophobia as we aim to create a more inclusive, safe, just, and cohesive Jamaica for all LGBT people. Last year was quite a productive year for us as we embarked on several new initiatives and bolstered ongoing ones.  It was a year dedicated to doing more for the community, and increasing our outreach and capacity  building initiatives for women. It was a year of relationship building and strengthening our ally support. It was a a year marked by bold steps of members of the LGBT and ally community, a community that has enlivened the true meaning of resilience.


While we acknowledge that it was a rewarding year for the community, we hasten to recognise, that ‘we still have a huge struggle’ – Executive Director, Dane Lewis.


You may read the full text of our 2014 initiatives here: Annual Report – JFLAG




J-FLAG Annual Report 2013


Throughout the year we embarked on a number of new initiatives and enhanced existing ones as well as revived programmes such as the LGBT Speaker’s Bureau, a comprehensive sensitisation training for public health workers, sensitisation training on sexual violence against lesbian and bisexual women, and outreach activities. These endeavours saw us engaging and training more community members, government entities and collaborating with government and other NGOs.


Despite the challenges we continue to face, we made substantial progress throughout the year, especially through our projects and media campaigns. We thank all our donors, allies and LGBT people, especially those who have supported us over the years and continue to add their voice not just publicly but in their own sphere of influence.


As J-FLAG continues to work towards engendering a more inclusive culture and carving out a viable space for LGBT Jamaicans, we challenge community members to continue their fight for full citizenship as we forge ahead in this difficult but penetrable struggle.


The full report is available here: J-FLAG Annual Report 2013

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